A revolutionary program. Work from home, make a living, save money every day. The first step to your new life! Don't hesitate, join today!

A revolutionary program. Work from home, make a living, save money every day. The first step to your new life! Don't hesitate, join today!
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  • Network Marketing Program.
  • Earn 5-7% through 7 generations.
    Virtual Back Office-Track your network.
Build your website for $25 per month!
Includes domain, hosting, and website building software packed with countless features!
Brought to you by ReClicks and Website Yellow Pages Easy-to-use Visual Interface
Room for Growth
E-commerce Capabilities
Statistics Tracking

Websites feature all of the following and more!

Anybody can do it: ReClicks SiteBuilder enables you to build your very own website without any experience. The easy to use, step-by-step interface will lead you through the creation of the website you desire.

Our Websites Offer:


High Quality




Websites for all types of businesses:

  • Commercial
  • Home-based
  • Manufacturing
  • Distributors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals

Web Design
Do it yourself, or let one of our designers build it for you.

Choose your option below!

Sample Websites

Your website grows with you: Your site can be a few pages or up to 500 pages, the cost is the same. The number of pages is up to you!
You're in control: Make your website look the way you want it to. ReClicks boasts over 500 unique layouts with a multitude of color schemes, graphics, and options to choose from. Customize your website with your information, images, links, and more!
Visual editing: What you see while you're editing your site is exactly what you will get. It works just like a word processor right in your website! You don't have to guess to see if the content on your pages will appear the way you want it to.
Your own domain: Have your own unique website address! Enjoy a name your visitors can remember to keep them coming back.
» http://www.yourname.com/
E-mail functionality: 50 custom e-mail addresses at your website address! Easily access your e-mail accounts through a web-based interface! You can also use mailing lists, auto-responders, mail forwarding and more! » you@yourname.com
Blogs: You have the ability to create and edit web-based journals. Easily post news, updates, or any other information quickly to your website without hassle or confusion.
Advanced Internet statistics reports: Track visitors from a statistical point of view. You have the ability to increase results of targeted campaigns and improve your marketing techniques.
E-Commerce capabilities: Start selling products through your website - instantly! Your online storefront is only a few clicks away.
Interact with your visitors:
  • Forum: Create and manage your very own discussion group.
  • Guestbook: Give your visitors the ability to leave comments on your website.
  • Voting: Put a poll on your website for visitors to take.
  • Form builder: Create forms to gather information from your visitors. Information is instantly e-mailed to you.

Flash introduction: Easily build a professional animated introduction to your website using ReClicks SiteBuilder.

Search results: Add keywords to your website for search engines to read and include in the results people interested in your site see.
Photo albums: Add and modify a photo album for your visitors to browse.
Sample Websites

Personal features: The tools offered at ReClicks can cater to your personal needs, too! Easily add pages like:

  • About Me: Easily create a page that describes yourself, your interests, your experiences, or anything you desire!
  • Resumes: Display your professional talents and impress your visitors with an online, electronic resume that stands out from the crowd.
  • Blogs: Post to your online journal from anywhere in the world, and allow for visitors to comment on your entries!
  • Photo Gallery: Share your pictures with family and friends - no matter how far away they live! Bring your loved ones closer together.
  • Favorite Links: Manage a list of your favorite bookmarks directly on your website.
  • ... and much, much more!
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