A revolutionary program. Work from home, make a living, save money every day. The first step to your new life! Don't hesitate, join today!

A revolutionary program. Work from home, make a living, save money every day. The first step to your new life! Don't hesitate, join today!
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Members receive:
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Members of The Opportunity Company receive all of the benefits listed above. Read on or click the links above for more information on each benefit.

Even more detailed information about the earning potential and program structure can be found on the opportunity page.



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Your own internet business website.

You will receive your own exact replication of The Opportunity Company's website with your own address, accessible from anywhere in the world, any time day or night.

Example: http://yourname.theopportunitycompany.com/

The website does the rest! We do everything in our power to make your website sell for you. Every member you refer to The Opportunity Company through your website or by word of mouth earns you a commission - all they have to do is sign up.

No product to stock, no recurring selling. Simply refer your friends or if you want, wait for the matrix structure to "spill over" underneath you. Since The Opportunity Company is membership based, the income and commission is residual - meaning you're being endlessly compensated for each member in your network.

For more about the program structure and commissions please visit the structure and opportunity pages.

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Digital Network Marketing Program.

When you join The Opportunity Company, you'll instantly be placed into our advanced Network Marketing program - with no catches.

This feature allows you to generate a hefty income just by being a member of The Opportunity Company. Just tell a few friends or family and earn a 5% to 7% commission on their membership fee when they sign up and every time they renew their subscription!

Not only do you earn commission from the people you refer, but you earn the same amount of commission on people they refer, the people they refer, and so on. This continues on through seven generations of members below you. All in all, you can be earning a straight 5% to 7% commission from 97,655 members!

Put a link on your new 25 dollar website to your Opportunity website, if someone clicks on the link and joins, they join your network and you earn through 7 generations. Best of all, there's no recurring selling involved or product to stock. Earn commission every time somebody starts or renews a membership in your network - it's that simple.

For more information about the network and commissions, visit the opportunity and structure pages.

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Virtual Back Office - Track your network.

When you join The Opportunity Company you also get a personal back office for managing your account. Some features include:

  • View your network.
  • Email your network.
  • Usage statistics for your website.
  • Choose how you are paid your commission - many processors are supported.
  • View your transaction history.
  • Edit account details/password.
  • Enrollment forms and promotional materials.

The virtual back office you're provided with when you become a member brings all of the tools and services at The Opportunity Company conveniently into one place.

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Opportunity Meetings monthly

Yes, we hold online conference Opportunity meetings every month. Your guests can join an Opportunity meeting from the comfort of their home.

You invite your guests and we will do the presetation, it couldn't get any easier.

  • E-mail 5 of your friends and ask them to check out The Opportunity Company from the comfort of their home. Imagine if they did the same!

    Feel welcome to join us live from the comfort of your home through the link provided below. Meetings are held every first Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm Central Standard Time

    Password to login is: opportunity


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    Excellent income potential, no boundaries!

    It's easy to get started with The Opportunity Company! Even the simplest things can set you on your way to living in financial freedom! Not only will you be saving money on products you already buy everyday, but you'll have the opportunity to make millions!

    Here are a few simple ways to get started:

    • Put a link on your website to your opportunity website.
    • E-mail your friends and ask them to check out The Opportunity Company.
      Imagine if they did the same!
    • Leave your business card with your tip after dining out.
    • Post a quick classified in your local newspaper!
    • Promote electronically over the internet!
    • Put up a flier on public bulletin boards!

    We have plenty of ideas to help you get started - all of which can be found in your virtual control panel when you become a member!

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